The mml2jax Preprocessor

The options below control the operation of themml2jaxpreprocessorthat is run when you include"mml2jax.js"in theextensionsarrayof your configuration.They are listed with their default values.Toset any of these options,include amml2jaxsection in your金宝搏188MathJax.Hub.Config()call.For example

  mml2jax: {
    preview: "mathml"

would set thepreviewparameter to"mathml".

preview: "mathml"

This controls whethermml2jaxinserts金宝搏188MathJax_Previewspans to make apreview available,and what preview to use,when it locates金宝搏188mathematics on the page.Possible values are:"mathml","alttext",,"altimg","none",or an HTML snippet.

The default is"mathml",in which case 金宝搏188MathJax keeps the content of the tag as the preview (until it is processed by 金宝搏188MathJax).Set to"alttext",to use the tag'salttextattributeas the preview,if the tag has one.Set to"altimg"to use an imagedescribed by thealtimg*attributes of the element.Set to"none"to prevent the previews from being inserted(the math will simply disappear until it is typeset).Set to an array containing the description of an HTML snippet in order touse the same preview for all equations on the page (e.g.,you could haveit say"[math]"or load an image).


preview: ["[math]"],     //  insert the text "[math]" as the preview
preview: [["img",{src: "/images/mypic.jpg"}]],  // insert an image as the preview

See thedescription of HTML snippetsfordetails on how to represent HTML code in this way.