The 金宝搏188MathJax Startup Sequence

When you load金宝搏188MathJax.jsinto a web page,it configures itself andimmediately begins loading the components it needs.As 金宝搏188MathJax startsup,it uses itssignaling mechanismto indicate the actions that it is taking so that 金宝搏188MathJax extensionscan tie into the initialization process,and so other applicationswithin the page can synchronize their actions with 金宝搏188MathJax.

The startup process performs the following actions:

  • It creates the金宝搏188variable,and defines the followingsubsystems:
    • 金宝搏188MathJax.Object(object-oriented programming model)
    • 金宝搏188MathJax.Callback(callbacks,signals,and queues)
    • 金宝搏188MathJax.Ajax(file-loading and style-creation code)
    • 金宝搏188MathJax.HTML(support code for creating HTML elements)
    • 金宝搏188MathJax.Localization(alternative language support)
    • 金宝搏188MathJax.Message(manages the menu line in the lower left)
    • 金宝搏188MathJax.Hub(the core 金宝搏188MathJax functions)
  • It then creates the base金宝搏188MathJax.InputJax,金宝搏188MathJax.OutputJax,and金宝搏188MathJax.ElementJaxobjects.
  • 金宝搏188MathJax sets up the default configuration,and creates thesignal objects used for the startup and hub actions.
  • 金宝搏188MathJax locates the